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Dr. Chung Pham, is a UK and Vietnam-based educator and researcher who grew up in the regions of Vietnam most acutely affected by the scourge of human trafficking. She holds academic credentials from various reputable universities in Vietnam, Australia, and the UK. During and after her doctoral research in the North of England, Chung has volunteered for various charities helping vulnerable Vietnamese adults and minors access legal assistance and protection, and assisted in locating family members whom they have lost on the journey to the UK.

Chung also works extensively with unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) in local councils in the UK, and with social services and safe houses that look after Vietnamese youngsters – often those identified as victims of trafficking and/or modern slavery – to provide much-needed specialist support. It is through this work that she has observed first-hand cases of vulnerable people disappearing from care, never to be found.  

Witnessing such traumatic cases inspired Chung to join Locate International and work to make positive changes; she is thrilled to be able to utilise her wide-ranging skills to help defend vulnerable people in Vietnamese communities. This is part of her greater ambition – to combat human trafficking and labour exploitation.

As part of our operational advisory board, her particular role is to provide specialist advice for Locate’s case research on Vietnamese trafficking and missing person cases, aiding law enforcement and the judiciary, and helping Locate refine its work on missing Vietnamese person cases (often trafficking victims within the NRM) provided by several UK police forces. Over the past three years, she has been delivering a unique Capability and Capacity building programme to support Law Enforcement Agencies, public service bodies involved in specialist safeguarding, and several UK charities.

Chung is also a well-known public speaker on the subject of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. She often represents Locate, sharing her experience with the media, or sitting on various panels of keynote speakers to discuss issues relating to human trafficking and modern slavery. Below are some links to her talks and the training courses that she is delivering, alongside the Locate training team.