Developing expertise

Locate Centre for Missing People Investigations provide professional and organisational development opportunities in the field of missing people investigations. We are working with the Universities of South Wales and Central Lancashire to find and develop talent in the field of missing people investigations.

 We focus on a wide range of projects to achieve this. Innovation happens when teams from different specialisms come together and focus on a specific challenge.  We bring people together with skills and ideas from disparate areas to produce something new – something that no one individual, or even a group in one area of expertise, could do alone. Teams work side-by- side with experts in the field to further research, training, and techniques in locating missing people.

Real world challenges are at the heart of our professional development programme.

 We are working with University of Central Lancashire to develop a 24/7 missing people search team for the online world. Search and Rescue teams have rapidly advanced how the physical space is searched for missing people. Locate is an action research project applying the same methods online with experts collaborating from different disciplines to develop an operational model in the largest geographical police area in England. Devon & Cornwall Police covers the largest geographical police area in England, extending 180 miles from the Dorset and Somerset borders in the east to the Isles of Scilly in the west. To give some impression of the scale of the area, police headquarters in Exeter is actually nearer to London than the furthest extremity of the Force. Our aim is to develop an operational model for online search teams to support missing people investigations at no cost to the police service or families. We are bringing partners together from the tech industry and major social media companies supported by a network of open source and intelligence specialists developed by Locate CIC.

 We are working with the University of South Wales to develop a missing people investigation review model. In UK policing major crime review teams help ensure that no investigative opportunities have been missed and that good practice is identi­fied, in essence to improve the management of and investigative performance in major crime investigations. There are many long term missing people cases where because mistakes were not identified in the early part of the investigation, families are left without any answers many years later. The demand on the police service means the same model cannot be applied to the majority of missing people investigations. In the United States specialist volunteers work side-by-side with law enforcement to review unsolved or ‘cold cases’. Combined with our Missing People Investigation Clinic’s  the learning identified from both approaches can be used to improve investigative practices more broadly. We can consider unsolved cases collectively to better understand the issues, commonalities and how investigations can be advanced.

 Working with leading educational institutions and the police service we are providing opportunities for professional and organisational development in the UK and abroad.

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Case Review

Our missing people investigation clinics (MPIC) are a free independent review and advocacy service for the families of missing people. We bring specialist teams together from a variety of investigative backgrounds to review unsolved missing people cases at no cost to families.


We have a network of leading specilists in unsolved murder and missing people investigations. Our teams include former detectives and intelligence specialists working to develop innovative techniques or applying new solutions to advance missing people investigations. 


Communities are the greatest resources in advancing missing people investigations. Working directly with communities to develop a model of sharing information together to advance unsolved and missing people cases. We work with people who understand their communties.


We seek to find and develop talent in field of missing people investigation. We work together with the universities of South Wales and Central Lancashire, where teams take on real world challenges working side by side with specialists on unsolved missing people cases.