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One of the founding principles of Locate has always been to involve the community and develop talent. We have built a comprehensive program alongside our university partners to harness the potential of young people in the investigative field.

However, it’s not just investigations where young people can assist. Sam Shepherd, aged 14, approached his dad and asked if there was any way that he could help. He had been following the developments in the Damien Nettles case and wanted to add something positive to it.

His dad set him a challenge to produce a short video for Social Media that would highlight Damiens’ case. Sam has been attending Tubers the Video Creators Academy, where he has been learning all about video production, especially for social media.

Using the skills he has developed at Tubers, Sam set about working on the project. Firstly Sam researched what media was already available online, assembling photographs and video that he could use. Sam then placed them in a storyboard making sure that they were in an order that would make sense to the viewer. After developing a number of these, he settled on a chronological order from young to the point Damien went missing.

Text slides were then inserted to explain the story, and finally, music added that compliment the video. The whole project took around 24 working hours to make, and you can see the result at the bottom of this blog.

It is an excellent example of how people with all sorts of talents come together in our work. We want to thank Sam for all his hard work.  He is already in the planning stages for some new social media content creation, and we are excited to see what he produces next.

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