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Tip places unidentified ‘Lady in the Thames’ studying and lodging in Leeds in 1977 – can you help close this case?

First forensic rendering of woman sparked influx of tips, with significant information linking her to Leeds

[December, 2022]

Just a month ago, Locate International and renowned forensic artist Hew Morrison released an image of an unidentified young woman whose drowned body was pulled from the River Thames 45 years ago. Morrison was able to create an artist’s impression from photos taken at the scene. The release of the image proved hugely successful, and the most significant information linked her to the Leeds area. A tip suggested that the woman may have lodged with the informant’s mother in Leeds.

The charity are now looking for information from anyone who may have known this lady and can link her to the Leeds area. She left her lodgings unexpectedly, possibly heading for London, leaving all of her belongings behind; she never came back to collect them. She was 5’6” tall, with brown eyes, and short brown hair. She was also smartly dressed, found wearing black trousers, a blue overcoat, black shoes and a red and white striped blouse. The body was found at the bottom of the stairs leading to the south bank of the Thames by Vauxhall Bridge.

The woman was discovered in the year of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee, and the death of Elvis Presley, a culturally significant period. We are hoping that the Leeds link may be the key to solving this tragic mystery. The creation of the image was part of a fresh appeal for information, and it proved to be very effective, bringing in 14 submissions of potential leads. Of the leads generated, two proved to be very useful, the most fruitful being centred in Leeds. We are now tantalisingly close to solving this case, being able to identify the woman, and inform any family she may have had.

Dave Grimstead, CEO and co-founder of Locate International commented:

Despite this case being 45 years old, our experience tells us it can still be solved. This year alone, our teams of volunteers have solved cold cases just like this one, and we have brought closure to the families involved.

The participation of local communities really is key, and any detail really may help us bring the vital clues needed to solve this mystery. 

Her identity remains a mystery 45 years later, and the charity is appealing to the citizens of Leeds, and possibly graduates of Leeds based Universities and colleges during the 1970s, particularly around 1977, to see if they can provide further information, or even better, a name. If you recognise the woman in the image, and have any information about her, you can contact us here.

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