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Commemorating World Humanitarian Day: A Spotlight on Unidentified Cases

As we honour World Humanitarian Day on August 19th, we turn the spotlight on the often-overlooked issue of unidentified people. This significant day serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by humanitarian organisations like ours in resolving these perplexing cases.

Unidentified Cases: A Silent Crisis

Unidentified people represent a silent crisis, leaving behind a trail of mysteries and heartache. These individuals deserve to be recognised and their stories told, and we urge you to come together as a community to bring answers and peace to their families.

Waltham Forest Man

Waltham Forest Man’s is a case that remains unsolved. When he was sadly killed in January 2015 in Walthamstow, London, no identifying documents were found with him and he has never been formally identified.

Police believe he was living nearby under the name of ‘Brian Wallace’ and had worked as a local builder for many years.


Clifton Bridge Man

On Sunday, May 19th 1996, the body of a man was found on the bank of the River Avon in Somerset. He is believed to have fallen from the nearby Clifton Suspension.

He had with him a number of books that could say a lot about who he was, and a photo that could say even more, but his story remains untold.


Burnham On Sea Woman

On 13th January 1993, after a couple of days of extremely stormy weather, the body of a white, European woman was found on the beach near to the Low Lighthouse at Burnham – on – Sea, Somerset.

Could you help us find the answers that lead to her identity?


Salcombe Man

You can help identify a man whose body was recovered from the English Channel; 46 miles South West of Salcombe, Devon on the 23rd September 2021.

Despite an appeal in 2022, we still are yet to find the vital clues that will help us find his family and / or friends.


Wembley Point Woman

On 29th October 2004, a woman was seen to jump from the window of the 21st floor of Wembley Point, London, England. She was wearing a maroon bomber zip-up jacket with fabric cuffs.

The jacket material was shiny and plastic in appearance. On the 18th anniversary of her death, we appealed to the public in the hope we could return her name to her. Despite a number of leads, her case remains unsolved.

As we commemorate World Humanitarian Day, we recognise the gravity of unidentified people and the need for collective efforts in resolving them. At Locate International, we remain steadfast in our mission to unveil the mysteries surrounding these cases, empowering hope and advocating for answers. Together, we can create a world where no unidentified person is ever forgotten.