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Carmel Fenech: The Missing Podcast, Season 5 Episode 2

Discover the case of Carmel Fenech in this gripping podcast series on long-term missing persons. Join the search for answers.

In the summer of 1998, Carmel Fenech disappeared in London, leaving her mother, Deirdre, of Broadfield, Crawley, deeply concerned. Carmel’s history of going missing due to her documented drug problem meant Deirdre had experienced this feeling before, however, this time was different. The usual haunts yielded no results, and Deirdre found herself grappling with the authorities, desperately seeking answers. Decades later, the Fenech family still haven’t got the truth they so desperately seek.

Over 100,000 people are reported missing at any given time and someone goes missing every ninety seconds in the UK alone. This podcast series, which is supported by Locate International, focuses on the cases that remain unsolved—the long-term missing. Each episode of this podcast delves into the story of a missing person, providing listeners with the chance to participate in the conversation and contribute to finding the answers families seek. We believe that every case holds the potential for resolution.

The Missing podcast series is made possible through the support of Locate International and the charity Missing People. Together, they aim to shed light on the cases of those who have disappeared and offer a beacon of hope to their families. The series is produced by What’s the Story? Sounds.

We invite you to subscribe, listen, and become an active participant in these real stories. Through your engagement, these cases could find resolution, offering solace and closure to the families desperately seeking answers. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by long-term missing persons cases.