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Jean Tighe: The Missing Podcast, Season 5 Episode 4

Discover the case of Jean Tighe in this gripping podcast series on long-term missing persons. Join the search for answers.

Jean Tighe, a 38-year-old woman from Cavan, vanished without a trace from the town of Parede in Portugal in July 2020. Her disappearance remains shrouded in mystery, with her family expressing frustration over the lack of thorough investigation by the local police. Private investigators hired by the family discovered that Jean was last seen leaving Help Yourself Hostels on July 13, 2020, carrying her handbag. The case continues to puzzle authorities, leaving Jean’s loved ones grappling with the anguish of not knowing her whereabouts.

Every second, over 100,000 individuals go missing, with someone in the UK vanishing every ninety seconds. This podcast series, supported by Locate International, focuses on unresolved cases—the long-term missing. Each episode delves into the personal stories of these individuals, providing an opportunity for listeners to engage, contribute, and assist in the search for answers desired by their families. The belief is unwavering that each case holds the potential for resolution.

The Missing podcast series, made possible by Locate International and the charity Missing People, aims to shed light on the cases of the disappeared while offering hope to their families. Produced by What’s the Story? Sounds, it invites you to subscribe, listen, and actively participate in these authentic stories. Your involvement can help these cases find resolution, bringing solace and closure to families desperately seeking answers. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives affected by long-term missing persons cases.