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Beadnell Bay Man

Found On: 9th May 1972

Beadnell Bay Man was found on the rocks at Beadnell Bay in Northumbria. He is believed to be between 50 – 60 years of age, white European, approximately 5’7” – 5’8” and of stocky build, with light brown – greying hair. When found he had no teeth although whether his tooth loss was ante or post mortem is unclear.

About this case

He is believed to have been in the sea for between 3 weeks and 3 months. There are no pictures of the man’s remains or his clothing. However, the description of his clothing is of interest to us. He was found wearing a dark/blue suit jacket and trousers and a white shirt. Each bore the name of ‘G. Strachan’ or ‘C. Strachan’ and the number 6. There was very little media attention at the time, although the skeletal remains of a young woman had been found three days earlier on the coast 13 miles south of Beadnell Bay.