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Ballast Quay London 'KAMAL'

Burnham-On-Sea Woman

Found On: 13th January 1993

On 13th January 1993, the body of a white, European woman was found on the beach at Burnham – on – Sea, near to the Low Lighthouse, Somerset. She is believed to have been in the water for only a short period of time (unspecified).

About this case

She is described as 157cm (5’1”) and of thin build, and aged between 60 – 70 years. She had very long, grey hair. Her eye colour and any other physical features are not recorded. 

She was wearing a light green and beige overcoat with a dark green fur lined hood, dark ankle socks, and a knee length black skirt with ‘Jaeger’ label. She had one shoe, described as blue with a blue bow and a 1.5” heel, from Stead and Simpson and was also wearing black, knitted gloves and a yellow and black patterned scarf. She was also wearing 3 cardigans, described as:

  • A heavy, light blue knitted cardigan with two pockets, no buttons, but a wraparound belt.
  • A black cardigan with black beads around the shoulder and neck. This was worn under the blue cardigan.
  • A pick cardigan with gold and pick buttons and a long collar. This was also worn under the blue cardigan, although it is not stated whether this was also under the black cardigan.

She was also wearing a gold band type ring although it is not stated what finger she was wearing this on.

She also had in her possession a packet of paracetamol tablets purchased from Superdrug and an ‘After Curry’ mint with the word ‘Kansaras’ on it.