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Burnside Plantation Man

Burnside Plantation Man

Found On: 20th December 2010

Burnside Plantation Man was found hanging from a tree, and it is believed he had been there for over a month. A copy of La Republica newspaper was found near the body and till receipts from the London area.


The man, who is believed to have been aged between 40-60, was discovered by a couple out walking in Burnside Plantation, Canonbie, Scotland. The man was hanging from a tree, and the level of decomposition suggested the body may have been there for over a month.

A daily Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, dated 22nd July 2010, was recovered near to where the body was found. Till receipts were also found in his pockets from a shop in London and dated back to 1991.

Described as white, with a bald head and six missing teeth, he had grey stubble visible on his face. The man was between 5ft 8ins and 5ft 9ins tall and was wearing a green safari hat, brown tanned coloured cord jacket, black trousers, light coloured gloves and grey ankle boots sized between a UK six to eight.

He had in his possession a boxed swiss army knife.


As with many such cases, there is limited information. The copy of the newspaper is a starting point. Still, more information is needed to make sure it is linked to Burnside Plantation Man. The till receipts may hold a clue. We will be going back to the police and Coroner to gather more information.

You chack the Police details on the case by going to the UK Missing Person Website Case Details.