Clifton Bridge Man

Clifton Bridge man

Found On: 19th May 1996

On 19th May 1996, a man’s body was found on the bank of the River Avon in Somerset, England. It was believed he fell from the Clifton suspension bridge. Carrying a range of personal items that indicate he was homeless at some point and travelling across the country.


The body was found on the River Avon banks, underneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge on the 19th May 1996. ​ He was white, of medium build and was thought to be aged 25-35 years old. He was 6ft tall, with blue eyes and light brown collar-length hair. He wore a black sweatshirt and jacket, blue ‘Lee Riders’ jeans and brown boots.

Carrying a copy of Thomas Moores Utopia with no outer cover and ‘West Glamorgan County Council’ on the front page, a paperback book of “The Greatest Batman Stories’​, Great Britain A-Z map, Holy Bible, London shopper, Guide map Eurohike Adventure,​ Silk cut cigarettes, and a Black sleeping bag. He had cardboard with a handwritten message ‘Sleeping rough, thank you’, Green towel, Blue umbrella, Black corkscrew, ‘Barclays’ blank giro slip, 3 x disposable razors, Shaving stick, ‘Lynx’ body spray, Yellow toothbrush, Tin opener, Red pennywhistle, White cup, £6.61 cash, Passport size photo.​


The image on the photocard, the Barclays blank giro slip, and a range of personal items may help identify Clifton Bridge Man. The team will be going back to the start and checking information with the Coroner and police.

The investigation is being led by our team at the University of South Wales.

You can check the Police deatils on this case by going to:-

UK Missing Person Website Case Details.

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