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Ballast Quay London 'KAMAL'

Edinburgh Man

Found On: 22nd December 1987

Edinburgh Man was found hanging in Regent Road Gardens, Edinburgh. No fingerprints or DNA were taken and no dental records were held. He is buried at Mortonhall Cemetery. 

About this case

He was believed to have been between 25 and 40 years of age, white European, 6’2”” in height and of a slim build. He had brown/hazel eyes, brown wavy, medium length hair, a full moustache and beard, a mole on his left cheek and a scar on one finger on his right hand. He had stained teeth, although this could be ante or post mortem. The manwas wearing a long, black overcoat, a brown tweed jacket/blazer, two jumpers – one green, one grey, blue jeans, grey socks, a grey woolly hat and brown walking boots with red laces (unknown size).

He had in his possession, a number of items including a silver chain with a ‘Catholic medallion‘ (which he was wearing), and a rucksack containing a gents Avia watch, a set of keys, and a plain paper sketchbook including sketches of: South of Whitley Bay, The Moorings pub in Aberdeen, The Ferry Boat Inn pub in Ullapool, the Waverley Centre in Edinburgh, Inverness, and Edinburgh Town Centre. It has been suggested that he was a homeless man from the north of Scotland, heading to the Edinburgh Festival to work as a street artist.