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Ballast Quay London 'KAMAL'

Forest of Dean Man

Found On: 16th September 1984

On this day, two young people (Greg Jones and Fiona Slade, nee Russell) discovered a skeletal set of remains in the Forest of Dean, between Cinderford and the Speech House Hotel. The remains are believed to have belonged to a man between 25 and 60 years of age, with an approximate height of 5 ft 10 ins, and a medium build. 

About this case

He wore: a green jumper, a cream and brown shirt with 15.5 collar, grey slacks with a 34″ waist and 32″ inside leg, cotton pyjama bottoms, brown socks and brown size 10 suede shoes. A red nylon rucksack was also found in the area, with contents including: a bone handled penknife with ‘m.tucker’ scratched onto the handle, an ordnance survey map of Hereford, a sunbeam electric razor no. 48899/67 with light socket adaptor, a security cabinet type key with circular barrel and red plastic tab, a looping 8 day travelling alarm clock swiss made no 601417 in leather case, a magnifying glass, scissors, 1.23 in coinage including a 20p piece not circulated until June 1982, and toiletries. These possessions suggest that the unidentified man was a hiker or rambler, and that his death occurred during or subsequent to June 1982.