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Great Oxendon Man

Found On: 10th July 1975

The man was last seen on the 10th July 1975, near Market Harborough. It is believed he could have been travelling back to Middleton, Lancashire.


On 10th July 1975, the body of a slight, white European male was found at 00:15 hours on the A508. It is believed he may have been struck by vehicles. He had dark brown, shoulder-length hair, brown eyes and was 5ft 6ins tall.

He was wearing a white t-shirt with pictures of musicians and musical instruments and a green t-shirt with a red band around the arms and neck. His trousers were brown with red and yellow stripes making a square pattern.

The man was wearing brown calf-length platform boots and black heels and a green toe band. Investigators believe the man’s boots would have been similar to the pair shown below:

Platform Boots Picture 1
Platform Boots

He was wearing a Jowissa 17 Blue Face Calendar Watch. Investigators have found imagery of watches that could be similar to the one the man was wearing.

Watch Picture
Watch Picture 2

His possessions included a small number of English and foreign coins, 3 case keys, an English stamp, a blue biro, a steel comb with a broken handle and a Stanley lino knife.

Image provided for reference only – this is not the exact knife found.

Lino Knife

Locate has discovered that at around 2120hrs on the 9th of July 1975, police spoke to a man of a similar description, and he gave them the name “James Brennan”. In an Irish accent, he told them that he was from Sarah Street in Middleton and that he had left home on the 4th of July to attend a pop festival. We have reason to believe it may have been the Knebworth Festival that he attended due to the dates and the location at which he was discovered.

The A508 is a short A-class road for the North-South journeys in South Central England, forming the route from Market Harborough in Leicestershire, Via Northampton, to Old Stratford, just outside of Milton Keynes. The road begins in the centre of Market Harborough and crosses into Northamptonshire just outside the town. 

A508 Road Map

The international police agency Interpol took part in the investigation, but they drew a blank, and now Locate International hopes people will come forward to complete the jigsaw. Clues to the man’s identity – aged between 25 and 35 – have been pieced together over months of research.

Further investigations suggest that he may have had possible links in Middleton in Greater Manchester and may have had family and/or friends in or around Sarah Street. Locate is looking for information from people living around Middleton and Rochdale.

A ‘Sarah Street’ in Middleton, Greater Manchester, has been identified and located by the team.

Coverage has also been secured with Irish publications, and Locate would especially like to hear from the Irish community so that this link can be explored further.

Other appeals go out to anyone who was at Knebworth Festival, or any other festival around this date, in the summer of 1975. Pink Floyd was on the Knebworth bill, which also featured Captain Beefheart, Linda Lewis and the Monty Python team. The event on July 5 was huge, with wartime Spitfire aircraft swooping low over the stage as Pink Floyd played. Music writer Robin Denselow wrote in The Guardian: “The vast audience was sprawled across the English countryside, banners waving like a medieval battlefield.

Particular interest has been drawn to the t-shirt he was wearing; anyone who has further information or details about merchandise from Knebworth or any other festival in 1975 is encouraged to come forward.

The case is being investigated by Locate International Community Investigation Team and other details can be seen on the Police Missing Person website.


We are looking for information relating to young men who went missing around July 1975, matching the description of the male. We are also attempting to trace possible relatives of ‘James Brennan’.

News & Updates

During March 2022, appeals are being submitted to the press and distributed via key Social Media channels.

We will update the website with any details or information passed back to us.