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Kingsthorpe Man

Found On: 19th November 2010

An unknown male, aged 60-65, was found collapsed at The Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Northampton at 3.00 pm and later died in hospital without having been identified.

Northampton, UK

White male, aged 60-65


What We Know

The man had grey receding hair and a full beard. He was wearing dark, well-worn jeans, a checked, padded shirt, a dark jacket, a red woolly hat and black shoes. He lacked most of his teeth, having only one at the back, and had one mole above the corner of his right eye and another mole on his right cheek.

In his possession were two keys (one Yale), a pair of silver rimmed glasses and a packet of Pall Mall cigarettes. It has been suggested the man’s name was ‘Terrance’ and that he resided behind The Cock Hotel in Kingsthorpe.

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