North Sea Case

North Sea Case

Found On: 11th July 1994

On 11th July 1994, a male body was found by a Police boat in the North Sea, West of the Island Helgoland. It was brought to the city of Wilhelmshaven in Germany, where an investigation started to identify him and where he was later buried.


The body showed injuries on the head and upper body, and there was evidence of having been weighted down, suggesting there is a possibility of intentional harm. There are also many indications that the man has a close relationship with Great Britain.
Prior attempts to identify him were unsuccessful. However, the case remains open, and we are now appealing for information so that the man can be named, loved ones can be informed, and potential perpetrator(s) can be brought to justice.

Physical description
At the time of his death, the man was probably about 45-50 years old. This means he was likely born during the mid to late 1940s. If he was alive now, he would be in his early 70s.
The man was tall [6 foot, 5 inches; 197cm] and slim in build (estimated 11-12 stone; 70-75kg). Based upon the work of facial reconstruction experts, we have created a likeness of the man.
Please note that it is impossible for us to estimate hair colour and length, eye colour, etc., and so the image above might not exactly match what the man looked like in real life.

Clothing description
The man was wearing some memorable clothing:
Tie: basic colour dark blue, with different coloured diagonal stripes (silver-grey, brown, orange, green). 100% wool.

Basic colour dark blue, with different coloured diagonal stripes. Specifically about the colour order: • Dark blue (or navy blue) – wide stripes,
Silver-grey (or light grey) – narrow stripes,
Brown – thin strips,
Yellow-orange – thin strips,
Green – narrow stripes
and again dark blue (or navy blue) – wide stripes.

2674 CA 01295 “- back:“ 100% WOOL / LAINE 7311 321.

Shoes: leather loafers, black or navy blue, UK size 11. These were relatively expensive shoes, made for the English shoe manufacturer Church & Co Ltd. The shoes had been re-soled with Phillips soles and had replacement heels manufactured by Dinkie Heel PLC, Bristol with the inscription
I.T.S. Jubilee and a stylized crown



North Sea Case Tie - Artist Impression
Tie Label Information
Original Tie


Do you know this person?
We estimate that the man went missing somewhere between the end of 1993 and the first six months of 1994. It is possible that you knew the man at this time, and so we want to help you remember back to this period of time in case it jogs any memories that might be relevant for our investigation.
Please read through the list of news and events that happened in 1993/1994. We are asking you to do this because activating memories from a particular period can help you remember more information from that particular time. After reading through the list, take a while to think where you were and who you knew at this time. Do you think you might know the man we are seeking to identify?

The Maastricht treaty took effect, formally forming the European Union (November)
Pablo Escobar was killed by police (December)
The first images from the Hubble telescope were taken (December)
The following songs were in the charts;
I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that), by Meatloaf
All That She Wants, by Ace of Base
No Limit, by 2 Unlimited
Dreams, by Gabrielle
IRA bombings at Heathrow (March)
Kurt Cobain committed suicide (April)
Release of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ (May)
Nelson Mandela inaugurated as South Africa’s first Black president (May)
O.J. Simpson flees (in a low-speed car chase) and surrenders to police (June)
The following songs were in the charts;
Love Is All Around, by Wet Wet Wet
Saturday Night, by Whigfield

Do you have any information about the crime?
We are aware that many years have passed since the man’s body was recovered from the North Sea, and that people who might not have wanted to report information to the police at the time might now feel more comfortable to do so.
Do you have any idea of who the person or people responsible might be, and do you feel safe to share any information?
Loyalties change.
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be free of this heavy burden? You can talk to us and relieve yourself of this secret that has been with you for all these years.
Please remember that this is an active murder investigation. Renewed efforts to solve the crime have already resulted in new leads.

Please help us solve this. #SomebodyKnows

Artist Impression of North Sea Man

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