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Shakespeare Cliff Man

Found On: 7th October 1980

On 7th October 1980, a man was found on the beach at the bottom of Shakespeare Cliffs, Dover. He is believed to have jumped from the top.

Dover, UK

European male, aged 30-45


What We Know

The man is described as white, European, 30 – 45 years of age, 6’5″ tall and of thin build. He had dark brown, curly hair, was clean-shaven and nicotine-stained fingers suggesting he was a smoker. He had a mark on his finger but there are no more details on this. He was wearing a fawn-coloured zip-up jacket with a knitted collar and cuffs from Marks and Spencer, size 40 – 42. He was also wearing a grey V neck jumper, also from Marks and Spencer, size 40 and a blue V neck ‘Conte Cristo’ jumper size 38, grey trousers, blue ‘Oscar’ underpants, a brown leather belt and grey socks.

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