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Locate International

A UK Registered Charity dedicated to helping families of unsolved missing person cases, find their loved ones.

We do this by building teams of specialists from different disciplines and volunteers from local communities. The teams investigate and review the cases to ensure that all that can reasonably be done, has and is being done.

Our service is carried out at no cost to families. We consider unsolved cases collectively to better understand the issues, commonalities and how missing person investigations can be advanced.

Locate International operates in partnership with Universities, Law Enforcement Agencies, the Police and the families of those missing.

Current Appeals

As part of our ongoing efforts to reunite unidentified people with their names, we regularly run public appeals for information. You’ll find a summary of our current active appeals below, and how you can help our investigative teams to find answers. Any and all information submitted could be useful, as it may match up to information already submitted by others. If you don’t have any active information about a case, please ‘Share to Solve’ our appeals, as your share may lead us to the person who has the answers.

Clifton Suspension Bridge Man

On Sunday, May 19th 1996, the body of a man was found on the bank of the River Avon in Somerset. He is believed to have fallen from the nearby Clifton Suspension Bridge.

He was also carrying another possibly significant clue: a passport-sized photo of himself as a young man, with lighter hair.

The body of a man, found almost 27 years ago. A number of books that could say a lot about who he was. A photo that could say even more.

Burnham On Sea Woman

On 13th January 1993, after a couple of days of extremely stormy weather, the body of a white, European woman was found on the beach near Low Lighthouse at Burnham – on – Sea, Somerset. She was aged between 60 – 70 years,157cm (5’1”), of thin build, with long, grey hair. She was thought to have been in the water a short time.
She was wearing a light green and beige overcoat with a dark green fur lined hood, black, knitted gloves and a yellow and black patterned scarf. She had dark ankle socks and one shoe, described as blue with a blue bow and a low heel.

Waltham Forest Man (Brian Wallace)

On 22nd January 2015, a man was fatally struck by a vehicle outside The Bell pub on Forest Road, Walthamstow, London. Locals suggested his name was ‘Brian Wllace’, but no formal identification was ever found, and his next of kin have never been traced.

It is suggested that he had family in Sheffield, and he had even spoken of children that he was no longer in contact with.

In December of 2022, Locate International volunteers began a renewed appeal. Initially focussing on a localised on-the-ground campaign in Walthamstow and Chingford, the appeal will now move to Sheffield in the hope that his family can be traced.

Baldock Woman

In the early hours of February 18th 1975, a young woman was struck by one or more vehicles on the A1 near Baldock, North Hertfordshire.

The person who was driving the vehicle that killed her has never been identified and they have never come forward.

She had fair hair and hazel eyes and a few distinguishing features: a scar on her right leg and a piercing in her right ear.

A witness stated that she had said that she was heading for London and that she spoke with a foreign accent. We believe her name may have been Odile and she may have been from France – either Paris or the north of the country.

Wembley Point Woman

On 29th October 2004, a woman was seen to jump from the window of the 21st floor of Wembley Point, London, England.

She was wearing a maroon bomber zip-up jacket with fabric cuffs. The jacket material was shiny and plastic in appearance. She wore a black leather glove on her right hand and a very thin black polo neck jumper. Over the top of this, she wore a claret crew neck jumper. She wore black tights, trousers and black Skechers boots with a zip and buckle on the sides. She wore a stud in the right ear and a watch with a black strap and silver face.

She wore two rings: one white/silver metal ring on her ring finger on her right hand (cowrie shell shaped) and a silver ring on her left hand’s little finger.

A Tall Mystery

You can help solve a murder investigation by simply thinking about any 6’4″-6’6″ (193-198cm) white male you may have lost contact with.

This man was found weighted down in the North Sea in July 1994, having suffered a catastrophic blow to the side of the head and rib cage.

This is an ongoing investigation led by the specialist homicide team in Wilhemshaven, Germany.

‘North Sea Man’ had a name in life, and we’d like your help in returning it to him in death. 

Port Logan Woman

You can help identify a woman whose body was recovered from the high tide line on Port Logan beach, Dumfries and Galloway on 22nd November 2006. We are referring to her as Port Logan Woman, but in life she would have had a name. We would like your help in returning this to her.

Port Logan Woman was between 4’11” and 5’4″ tall and between 30 – 50 years of age in 2006, although she may have been older. She is believed to have been in the water for up to 6 months so she may have gone missing in the spring or summer of 2006.
While Port Logan Woman was found in south west Scotland, it may be that she had lived in, spent time in, or had travelled to or from Ireland.

Vauxhall Woman

Not everyone who passes away are as famous as Elvis. Some people die with no name and barely a comment.

If you were in London in 1977 you could help solve the mystery of  the Lady in the Thames. Young, smartly dressed and found in the water near Vauxhall Bridge, the lady in the Thames has remained nameless since 1977. Someone’s daughter, someone’s work colleague and likely someone’s friend, we want to find anyone who may recognise her and can give her a name.

Were you living or working in London in the 1970’s? Does this lady remind you of someone you once knew and have lost touch with?

Vauxhall Woman (Leeds Update)

We released an artist’s impression in October 2022, of the mystery woman who drowned near Vauxhall Bridge in London 45 years ago.

A month later, a tip suggested that the woman may have lodged in Leeds before her death.

The caller said she was believed to have left her lodgings suddenly, possibly heading for London. All her belongings were left behind.

We are now looking for information from anyone in the Leeds area who may have known her.

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Wembley Point Woman

Clifton Bridge Sus. Man

Port Logan Woman

Current Projects

Quest is an online analytics tool that uses information from multiple sources, allowing us to combine people & resources from universities & communities in the UK &internationally. It ensures every case receives the highest quality review.  

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The International Cold Case Analysis Project brings university students and forensic & investigative specialists together to help advance cold cases. Cold cases are a global issue & we provide a cross-border solution through international collaboration.

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The Locate Challenge Lab connects people, ideas and resources to solve real-world problems. Be part of a globally diverse team and use your skills and experience evolve ideas that make the world a safer place. Interested in getting involved or supporting our work?

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We provide our volunteers with a comprehensive, modular training programme to equip them with the skills, attributes & experience necessary to undertake cold case review and investigation and a range of research based work, advocacy and ideas development. 

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