Locate International

Founded in 2019, Locate brings people together with a common purpose to advance missing people investigations. We have developed a network of specialist investigators working side by side with volunteers. 

Case Review

Our missing people investigation clinics (MPIC) are a free independent review and advocacy service for the families of missing people. We bring specialist teams together from a variety of investigative backgrounds to review unsolved missing people cases at no cost to families.


We have a network of leading specialists in unsolved murder and missing people investigations. Our teams include former detectives and intelligence specialists working to develop innovative techniques or applying new solutions to advance missing people investigations. 


Communities are the greatest resources in advancing missing people investigations. Working directly with communities to develop a model of sharing information together to advance unsolved and missing people cases. We work with people who understand their communties.


We seek to find and develop talent in field of missing people investigation. We work together with the universities of South Wales and Central Lancashire, where teams take on real world challenges working side by side with specialists on unsolved missing people cases.  

About Us

Locate Centre for Missing People Investigations is a community interest company dedicated to helping families find missing people.

Mistakes in the early days of an investigation impact the entire case and as a result, too many cases remain unsolved. We provide a free independent review service for families and friends to help where this happens and challenge constructively.

At Locate we consider unsolved cases collectively to better understand the issues, commonalities and how missing person investigations can be advanced then advocate for change

We are developing a network of volunteers to work side-by-side with specialist investigators to help find missing people and develop new and innovative solutions.

Locate Centre for Missing People Investigations will operate from Devon and Cornwall Police, Universities of South Wales and Central Lancashire and expand from September 2020.

Latest Investigations

Damien Nettles

Damien Nettles disappeared from the Isle of Wight, UK on November 2, 1996 when he was 16. The investigation into his disappearance has been ongoing ever since, with five men arrested in 2011, although no charges have been brought.

Chad Gibson

Chad was last seen in Newquay, Cornwall around 6 pm on Saturday 19th December 2015. After this time Chad disappeared. He had been seen in St Austell Town Centre, Cornwall on the morning and early afternoon that day.

Under Review

Locate International is currently working with family and law enforcement to progress a new investigation. Details of this case will be released once initial investigations have been completed. We will be publishing the details  shortly.