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Justine Carter

Justine became a part of Unseen on May 1st 2016, after a 28.5-year career in the civil service. She has held various operational and policy positions in multiple UK Government departments throughout her tenure. During the last five years of her civil service career, Justine acted as the senior policy adviser for modern slavery in the Home Office.

Her responsibilities included leading the development of the Modern Slavery Act and providing guidance to businesses, ministers, and international colleagues on the transparency of supply chains.

Since joining Unseen, Justine has utilized her expertise in the matter of modern slavery to assist media, law enforcement agencies, safeguarding professionals, and businesses. She has provided tailored support to a number of businesses in developing their supply chain transparency response and has earned high recognition in this field.

Justine successfully launched the new and improved Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre, which has now become a vital asset in the fight against modern slavery in the UK. Her goal is to utilize her experience of working with UK Ministers to influence international governments to take action against modern slavery, specifically addressing business supply chain concerns