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Series’ 1-3

The Missing podcast series looks at key missing persons cases. Each episode tells the story of a missing person. It gives you the listener an opportunity to join the investigation. Every case has the potential to be solved, with your help.

More the 100,000 people are missing at any one time around the world. In Britain alone, someone is reported missing every 90 seconds. While the majority are found safe and well, 1% of the missing persons’ cases are still unsolved 12 months later. Currently in the UK according to Police data, there are over 4500 people who have been missing over 1 year.

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About this series

Can you help find ‘The Missing?’ Hosted by journalist Pandora Sykes, ‘The Missing’ is a new Podimo podcast that looks into the cases of the long-term missing and asks you, the listener, to help. In this series, we ask you to become part of the search. With your help, some of these cases could be solved. In this series, we ask you to become part of the search. With your help, some of these cases could be solved. 

‘The Missing’ is a Podimo podcast series produced by What’s The Story Sounds and made in association with Locate International and Missing People. To learn more please visit


Welcome to the Locate International Forum. As information and news are received this will be updated for you all to see.

If you would like to get involved in the forum then simply send us an email with your comments to The team will then moderate the information and comments will appear on the board below.

I have just listened to the first podcast and want to express how well delivered this first podcast was, I wish Charles’ family all the best in their continued search for him, heartfelt wishes to his mum and what an extraordinary woman x

Thank you for your comments. We will make sure they are passed onto the family and podcast team.

When the body was found s in the search by the bridge did the police/divers stop searching. It seems the conclusion it was Charles was reached early and incorrectly. That one body was found doesn’t mean another was not there.

You are welcome to join us later at our open community forum session. If not, don’t worry you can catch up on our Youtube channel where we will discuss the search and strategies used.

Having attended the Online Podcast regarding the disappearance of Charles Horvath Allan today I wanted to say I thought it was very informative and it’s great to Locate International taking on these long term cases. It gives families renewed hope that their missing loved ones will be found including my own family member missing almost 23 years now. Best of luck to you all x

Thank you so much for your comments. If we can help in any way then please contact the team directly.

BB (Katrice Lee):
I have read this little girls story and it’s absolutely heart breaking my heart goes out to her loved ones and the little innocent Kartice XX I pray she is found xxxx

Great podcast, totally heartbreaking
Interesting and so very important !!! Narrated beautifully and grabbed my full attention immediately. Podcasts such as this need to be heard and hopefully raise awareness and crack cases wide open. Here’s hoping some of these families get the answers they so deserve. My heart broke listening to the first two (only episodes so far) Essential listening!!! I’m normally “Stiff upper lip type” but these had me blubbing !! The answers are out there …. If there’s anyone out there who can help with closure please speak up!!!
Well done to all involved… such important work. Xx

Thank you. We will pass this onto our Podcast team.

WM (Bernadette Cooper):

Hi, I would like to know if the recording of the phone call heard in episode 3 is actually Bernadette herself or a reconstruction done by an actor for the show?

The reason I ask is because I don’t live too far away in Ireland from where Bernadette is from and so I know the accent very well I know how people talk naturally or when they are doing an “acting voice”.

I can tell you 100% that the phone call we heard on the show is an acting voice and not a natural way of speaking, and if that is Bernadette herself then it’s curious that she is using that voice and makes me wonder if she was making the call under duress or for some other reason. What she is saying and the tone used to say it does not at all match. Ask other Irish people and I’m sure they’ll agree with me. We don’t speak like that. You hear that way of speaking only in films/tv shows.

Btw I was only 7 years old when Bernadette went missing so unfortunately I can’t help any other way and just wanted to share my thoughts on that phone call. I hope the family finds out more and find her or get closure either way.

Good Evening WM, you are right and the phone call has been re-created by the podcast team. Thank you for taking time the time to contact us. We will pass on your best wishes to Leon and his family.

KH (Bernadette Cooper):

Hi, Listening to the Cooper podcast, it struck me how quickly she got £10,000 (supposedly), and given her intention to return to a drug-ridden Malaga, isn’t it likely she was recruited as a drugs mule? Were the prisons ever checked for her? I know dummy mules are sent to distract from other carriers, so it might be a possibility. Great series btw.

Thank you for contributing to the forum and a very valid line of enquiry with regards to the prisons.

MJ (Bernadette Cooper):

I wondered what checks on passport were carried out, and checks on travelling by Bernadette?

Another great line of enquiry to pursue although I think we will encounter some difficulty with retention of records from the time of disappearance to the time of report. We will of course pass you ideas on to the investigating team.

RH (Andrew Gosling):

I just listened to this episode on Andrew Gosden. I was wondering has it been explored the games he was playing on his X Box. His dad Kevin mentioned he spent a lot of time in his room playing X Box and I wonder did he get chatting to someone in an online game that coerced him to come to London for some reason.
Hopefully, it would be possible to access his account and see any chat history that may give some clue or indication if this is a possibility to consider.

Thank you for contacting the team. The online links are an interesting line of enquiry and we will pass your ideas on to the lead investigation team.

CB (Fatima Mohamed-Ali):

Looking at the photo of her on the morning of her disappearance, her gait looks to me as if she is walking very fast. Someone in a hurry – walking with a purpose.

Thank you, CB for the comments. Fatima’s case is currently in the Active Search Phase of the enquiry and we are looking to allocate the enquiry to a dedicated team very soon. We will make sure that your comments are recorded and passed on to the team.

BT (Andrew Gosden):

I have just listened to the episode on Andrew Gosden and having listened to and watched much discussion of the case on YouTube I was surprised that no details of the reported sightings were included. I have read that there were (unconfirmed) sightings of a boy matching Andrew’s description sleeping rough in London following his disappearance, and the possible lead of an individual on an online chat room who mentioned details similar to that of Andrew’s (including using his childhood nickname). Why was this information not included?

Hello BT. Thank you for the comments. As with any production it is difficult to include every detail in a specific period of production time. The podcast is designed to pass on specific information to the audience in the time available and so not everything can always be included. Thank you for comments and contacting us.

EG (Andrew Gosden):

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the amazing work you are doing.

Secondly, I just listened to the Andrew Gosden case and I had a question about what exactly was explored. In the episode, his dad explained that they checked all possible places where he might have talked to someone about what he was doing or there was some element of grooming. I did not hear him mention them looking at his X-Box or PSP communications. Often, these games can have a chat function and you can interact with people from all across the world – is it possible he met someone through one of his games?

Thank you EG for your comments. The digital aspect of the investigation especially in relation to gaming is something that is being explored. I will make sure comments are passed on to the investigation team

MM (Esra Uyrun):

In Esra’s episode, the town that she was from was not pronounced correctly. The town is pronounced Kl-un-dawk-in. I know her case centred more on where she was last seen but as an Irish person, I felt that the ambiguity around where she was from (living) due to this error was important to point out for listeners.

Just my opinion. Such a fantastic and important podcast – well done.

Kind regards,

Thank you, MM. We do try extremely hard to ensure that everything we do if factual including spelling of names and pronunciation so we really appreciate you pointing out the correct way to pronounce this place name. I will pass your comments on to the Podcast Team.


Hi there,

I’m full of admiration for the work you are doing to locate these people. It’s a parents and families worst nightmare so I wish you continued luck and success.

I just wanted to ask where I can go to find updates on these cases? I’ve just listened to the Andrew Gosden podcast and feel so much for his poor family and wondered whether there are any updates on the four cases so far and future stories I’ve yet to hear.

Thank you, JE. Each of the cases being investigated by Locate International can be found in the ‘Missing’ or ‘Unidentified’ section of the website. At the bottom of each case is a news update, this is where new information can be found. You will notice that not all of the cases on the Podcast are on the website. This is because they are still in the Active Search phase and have yet to be allocated to a dedicated Cold Case Team but are being looked at for development by our Community Investigators. If we have any announcements then these will be updated on the website and also on our Social Media accounts, we are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

AK (Tony Haigh):

Is it possible that Tony’s disappearance was connected to his job? – he saw something he shouldn’t have when cleaning windows? Have those addresses on his rounds been looked into?

Have ferries to Ireland been checked out?

I am assuming that these things have been thought of already..

So sad to hear the story, esp for his son… I hope some more information is found..

Thank you, AK for contacting the team and listening to the podcasts. I will make sure that the questions raised are passed onto the investigating team.

Thank you, to everyone who has contacted the team in regards to the Chad Gibson case so far. We have been delighted by the number of people that have got in touch. Chads case is slightly different to our normal investigations as not only are community investigators doing background research, our University Teams conducting an investigative review but we also have a dedicated team working with Devon and Cornwall Police. 3 Members of the Locate Team have been security vetted and trained to use the Police systems in an investigation. They are working alongside sworn officers allowing them to have unprecedented access to the case. All of the comments and investigations submitted by our readers and listeners are passed directly to this team who are working with the police on the investigation. We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that has been in contact.

JK (Andrew Gosden):


I’ve just been listening to the episode regarding Andrew Gosden. When the family checked to see if Andrew had communicated with anyone did they check his Xbox? It is not uncommon for people to meet each other while gaming online. I’m sure it was checked but was not mentioned on the podcast and it seems like a genuine possibility.

Hello, JK. Highlighting the gaming aspect and the ability to chat via games consoles is a great line of enquiry. While we try to give people as much information as we can in the Podcasts we also have to keep them within a time frame so sometimes it is difficult to give all the information we would like. The digital footprint of Andrew and those he was online with is a very valid enquiry. Thank you for taking the time to contact the team.

DC (Wembley Point Woman):

I’ve listened to the first two series and now are on the third. It’s a sensitive and beautifully made podcast and I really hope it will help families to get the answers they do desperately need. I also love the music – was it made for the series?

Anyway regarding the Wembley Point woman, I wondered if this background information may be relevant ? Middlesex University has an Art and Design Faculty with an excellent reputation. Art and design are based in the Grove building on its main campus at West Hendon which isn’t that far from Stonebridge Park. Has the work of art found with WP woman been shown to any of the art faculty staff as I wonder if this lady could have been an art student or known art students? Could she have acquired it through the university in some way? Students come and go throughout the year and I don’t know what sort of follow up there would be, if any, if someone left a course suddenly? Presumably it would be cursory if the fees were paid up to date. The art lecturers may be able to help identify the style or origin of the work.

I studied at the university in the early 90s when it was a multi campus place and I don’t know what year that the Art Faculty moved to Hendon but it would have been after 1995 which is when I graduated from the Health Faculty. The previous campuses that had art were as far as I can remember Cat Hill in Southgate and Quicksilver Place in Wood Green. There were also campuses in Enfield, Trent Park and Tottenham. All of these are now closed with all faculties on the Hendon site.

I don’t know if this is of any help but thought it wouldn’t hurt to share it with you.

Thank you for all you do.

Dear DC. Thank you for reaching out to the team. We have contacted the investigating team in this case with the information you have supplied so they can add it to their list of potential enquiries.