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Can you help us identify ‘Baldock Woman’?

In the early hours of February 18th 1975, a young woman was struck by one or more vehicles on the A1 near Baldock, North Hertfordshire. 
The person who was driving the vehicle that killed her has never been identified and they have never come forward.
A witness stated that she had said that she was heading for London and that she spoke with a foreign accent. We believe her name may have been Odile and she may have been from France – either Paris or the north of the country.
She had fair hair and hazel eyes and a few distinguishing features: a scar on her right leg and a piercing in her right ear.
She wore:
  • a distinctive brown Afghan coat
  • a brown leather waistcoat
  • a white cotton ‘Chelsea Girl’ blouse
  • a white cotton smock with a floral pattern and imitation lace
  • black Prisu jeans – a French brand
  • a chiffon lace scarf

Did you ever meet her while she was hitch-hiking, or did she stay with you?

Did you study at a language school with her?

Did she ever tell you her name, or where she was from?

Artist’s depiction of the deceased in life

©Caroline Wilkinson


How you can help

We’re confident that after close to 48 years, Baldock Woman’s identity can be found thanks to just one person with one piece of information.
Did you ever see her at the Stotfold Social Club in Bedfordshire, where she was known to enjoy drinking cider?
Did you ever work at an industrial estate in Henlow, Bedfordshire? We believe she worked at a factory that made souvenirs there in the early 70s.
Did you ever spend time with her in Cornwall in the 1970s? If you met her, can you remember anything she told you about herself?

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What else do we know?

Case Overview

Baldock Woman

On 18 February 1975, the body of a young woman was struck by vehicles on the A1 near Baldock, At 0615 hours.

Read the full case overview for more details

Stotfold Social Club

The social club which she is thought to have frequented

Where It Happened

Baldock, Hertfordshire, England, UK

What She Wore

An image of the clothing the woman was wearing

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