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Can you help us identify this woman?

On 13th January 1993, after a couple of days of extremely stormy weather, the body of a white, European woman was found on the beach near to the Low Lighthouse at Burnham – on – Sea, Somerset. She was aged between 60 – 70 years,157cm (5’1”) and of thin build, with very long, grey hair. She was thought to have been in the water a short time.

She was wearing a light green and beige overcoat with a dark green fur lined hood, black, knitted gloves and a yellow and black patterned scarf. She had dark ankle socks and one shoe, described as blue with a blue bow and a low heel.

Beneath the coat she was wearing three cardigans:

  • A heavy, light blue knitted cardigan with two pockets, no buttons, but a wraparound belt
  • A black cardigan with black beads around the shoulder and neck. This was worn under the blue cardigan
  • A pink cardigan with gold and pick buttons and a long collar. This was also worn under the blue cardigan, although it is not stated whether this was also under the black cardigan

She also wore a knee length black skirt with a ‘Jaeger’ label.

She was wearing a gold band type ring and also had in her possession a packet of paracetamol tablets purchased from Superdrug and an ‘After Curry’ mint with the word ‘Kansaras’ on it.


    Were you in the Burnham on Sea area before, on, or around January 1993?


    Had you seen her out walking?


    Do you remember somewhere serving Kansaras After Curry Mints?

    Artist’s depiction of the deceased in life

    ©Hew Morrison

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    How you can help

    We’re confident that after 30 years, Burnham-On-Sea Woman’s identity can be found thanks to just one person with one piece of information.

    • Did you ever see her in the Burnham-On-Sea area, or in Somerset generally, where she was thought to have lived?
    • Do you have links to the Eastern European community, which she may have been a part of or have been linked to? Do you know someone who does?
    • Have you lost touch with someone who matches her description? Did you know her from the local area, or had you seen her before?

    Submissions can be anonymous, or you are welcome to have a confidential or open chat with our team. Every detail really does help.

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