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Can you help us identify this man?

The body of a man, found almost 27 years ago. A number of books that could say a lot about who he was. A photo that could say even more.

On Sunday, May 19th 1996, the body of a man was found on the bank of the River Avon in Somerset. He is believed to have fallen from the nearby Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The man was found with a few distinctive items with him:
  • a cardboard sign with a handwritten message saying ‘Sleeping rough, thank you’
  • a red penny whistle
  • a copy of Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’, a satire dating to the early 16th Century – it was missing an outer cover and had the words ‘West Glamorgan County Council’ on the first page
  • a Holy Bible
  • a paperback copy of ‘The Greatest Batman Stories’
  • a Great Britain A-Z map
  • a Eurohike Adventure guide map
  • Silk Cut cigarettes
  • a blank Barclays giro slip
He was also carrying another possibly significant clue: a passport-sized photo of himself as a young man, with lighter hair.

How you can help

Ask yourself these questions:



Had you ever seen him busking in the Bristol area or anywhere else in the UK?


Had you ever seen him in a hostel or shelter?


Did you ever share a cigarette with him?


Did you give him any of these books, or know where he may have picked them up?


Did you encounter anyone reading these books, or the sort of person who might have read them?

If the description bears any resemblance, no matter how small, to someone you knew, or have lost touch with, please get in contact with us. The information you give us can be anonymous, but your information alone could help us identify this man, and reunite him with his name.


What we know so far

Possessions and Features

Find out more about this man and his possessions by interacting with the video below.
Click on each of the red dots to reveal more.

Location and Maps

Here, you’ll find a map view of the area where he was found. The map shows the banks of the River Avon.

Remember, if you have information that may be of use to us, however insignificant you think it may be, please contact us using the form below, by calling us on 0300 102 1011 or emailing us at You may submit information anonymously.

How you can help

We’re confident that this man’s identity can be found thanks to just one person with one piece of information, no matter how small the detail.

  • Did you live in the Bristol area at this time, or do you have friends or family who did? Could you share this appeal with them?
  • Do you recognise him, or do his posessions mean anything to you?
  • Have you lost touch with someone who matches his description?

Submissions can be anonymous, or you are welcome to have a confidential or open chat with our team. Every detail really does help.

Submit Information

If you have any information you think may be relevant, please complete the form below.


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