Chad Gibson

Missing Since 19/12/2015

Chad was last seen in Newquay, Cornwall around 6 pm on Saturday 19th December 2015. After this time Chad disappeared. He had been seen in St Austell Town Centre, Cornwall on the morning and early afternoon that day.

About Chad Gibson

“I remember when Chad first opened his big brown eyes and I said, “hello beautiful boy”. I knew then that I would love him unconditionally for the rest of my life. Now he has disappeared from our lives and we miss him so much.

I am sure he was smiling when he was born and that smile would light up any room We still laugh at the funny jokes, especially the mama ones. We remember all the football games and tournaments and we make sure we look after all the trophies. Chad made us proud when he won those trophies and kept singing the Bryan Adams song, ‘I do it for you.’

Chad is a great dad and always tried his best for his daughter Annai. Taking her swimming, reading with her, shopping trips. His nephews and nieces miss him so much and want him home so they can play monopoly, scrabble, and cards again with the uncle they love so much. Kelly still thinks she makes better curry than Chad and is waiting for round two of the curry cook-off. Chad’s friends still miss him and tell me often that he is a true gentleman with a heart of gold.

It is heartbreaking not knowing. As a mother. For his daughter Annai. For his family. “

Sharon Gibson.


Detective Constable Morris, based at St Austell Police Station, said: “Chad’s  disappearance remains a mystery despite extensive enquiries to locate him. 

Chad was last captured on CCTV towards the end of Fore Street in Newquay town centre at around 6 pm on the 19th December 2015. He was heading towards the Beacon Road/Tower Road area and CCTV captures him jogging across the mini roundabout and out of sight. He has not been seen since.

Chad had been seen in St Austell Town Centre on the morning and early afternoon of the 19th. It is believed that he took a bus into Newquay Town Centre where he socialised in the Central Inn.

This has been an extremely difficult and distressing time for his mother, Sharon, and the rest of his family.” 

Devon and Cornwall Police say his case remains open and any new leads will be fully investigated. 

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