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Can you help us identify this man?

A body found on a beach. A man using a fake address. A mystery caught on CCTV.

After more than 14 years, the identity of Sligo Man has still never been confirmed. But we are hopeful that one person somewhere in Germany or Austria has information that may help him be reunited with his name. Can you, or someone you know, answer one of the seven key questions below?

The body of the man, thought to be in his 50s or 60s, was found at Rosses Point beach near Sligo, on Ireland’s west coast, on 16 June 2009.

Police learned he had booked into a Sligo hotel with no ID, but using the name Peter Bergmann. When police investigated the address he had given – in Vienna, Austria – they found it to be false.


Questions to ask yourself

Ask yourself these questions, or pass them on to someone who might know the answer:

  1. Does the false address – Ainstettersn 15, Wien 4472 – mean anything to you?
  2. Did you receive a letter from Sligo in Ireland at around this time, or do you know someone who did?
  3. Did you train for the police, military, German NVA, or intelligence services with someone who looked like him?
  4. If you were a dentist and gave someone a gold tooth before 2009, could this be the man? If so, what do you remember about him?
  5. Did you treat him or anyone who matches his description for cancer in the late 2000s?
  6. Do you know anyone from Germany or Austria who ever had a connection with Sligo, Derry, or the west coast of Ireland?
  7. Did you know anyone who suddenly disappeared, or you lost contact with, who looks similar to this man?


Posessions and Features

Remember, if you have information that may be of use to us, however insignificant you think it may be, please contact us using the form below, by calling us on 0300 102 1011 or emailing us at You may submit information anonymously.