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Vauxhall Woman

Do you remember the the Late Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee?A summer heatwave and rising inflation? Where were you when Elvis died?

Not everyone who passes away are as famous as Elvis. Some people die with no name and barely a comment.

If you were in London in 1977 you could help solve the mystery of  the Lady in the Thames. Young, smartly dressed and found in the water near Vauxhall Bridge, the lady in the Thames has remained nameless since 1977. Someone’s daughter, someone’s work colleague and likely someone’s friend, we want to find anyone who may recognise her and can give her a name.

Were you living or working in London in the 1970’s?

Does this lady remind you of someone you once knew and have lost touch with?


How you can help

The lady in the Thames was found on 28th September 1977 in the water near to Vauxhall Bridge, she had drowned. Little else is known about the circumstances of her death and sadly she has never been formally identified. Any small piece of information that may help to give this lady her name would help to solve this mystery.

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