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Donate to solve cold cases around the world

Give to Locate International to ensure every missing or unidentified person cold case receives the highest quality investigation.
In the UK alone, there are over 6000 unsolved missing or unidentified people. This means thousands of families without answers, and in some cases, victims without justice. Research show families will actively search for decades and we know that most police investigators would do everything they could – but there are limitations imposed by capacity and funding. We have brought communities together and created an entirely voluntary led effort to help police and families. All donations go directly to support investigations.

The difference you have made by donating

You made a difference for the daughter of a hero who gave his life saving others in danger of drowning at sea. The body of her father was never recovered.

You funded a complex legal application, exhumation and autopsy when decades after he disappeared, police informed his daughter of a man found on a beach in Europe with every indication was this could be her father. Locate International were able to deploy a team of trained volunteers to successfully complete the exhumation, extract DNA and provide answers for a family left without closure. 

You have funded training, disclosure and barring checks and vetting for over 150 volunteers to ensure all our work is carried out an no cost to police, families and is of the highest standards. The return on this investment can be seen in the cases being solved, many of which were unsolved for decades despite police investigations. 

You funded the investigation of a young man found dead on the streets of London who had remained unidentified for decades. Sadly, his parents died without knowing what happened to their son. Locate International volunteers conducted research in two continents to return the man the name he had in life. The team are now planning a memorial through the Church where he was baptised. 

You funded our teams to find the identity of a young man who died in the East of England who remained unidentified for decades with many of his siblings dying without ever knowing what happened to him. We are working with the remaining family and the Coroner to continue the search of his whereabouts.

You funded our specialist open source investigation volunteers’ work, who have located 23 long-term missing people so far in 2022. 

What do your donations pay for?

£10 would pay for one of our volunteer teams to have access to an online historic newspaper website for a month, which would allow us to better research a case
£15 would pay for a birth, marriage or death certificate, which would give us additional information when researching a case, and could lead us to vital leads or contacts.
£20 would pay for one of our volunteer Teams to have access to an online genealogy site for a month, which would allow us to better research individuals
£50 would pay for one of our volunteer Teams to have access to an online electoral roll site for a year, which would allow us to better research individuals

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Looking to find out more?

If you’d like to learn more about how you can support Locate International, we’d love to hear from you. From corporate partnerships to sponsorship opportunities, we always welcome thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

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