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Renewed Appeal for ‘Sligo Man’, also known as ‘Peter Bergmann’

Locate International announce the launch of a renewed appeal for ‘Sligo Man,’ also known as Peter Bergmann. This interactive appeal aims to shed light on the mysterious identity of ‘Sligo Man,’ a captivating story that has intrigued the world since 2009.

‘Sligo Man’ was first discovered on the shores of Rosses Point Beach in Sligo, Ireland, in June 2009. His body showed no signs of violence, but all labels had been carefully removed from his clothing, leaving no clues to his identity. Despite extensive investigations by the authorities, the man’s true name and origin remain unknown. This baffling case has captured the hearts and minds of those who know about it, and our renewed appeal seeks to spread more awareness, and reignite interest in hopes of solving the mystery.

To further tell the story of what we know about Sligo Man, we have once again worked with ThingLink, a leading interactive media platform. Their technology has allowed us to transform images and videos into an interactive asset, allowing people to actively learn more about our investigation. By clicking on various hotspots, visitors can access additional information, images, and resources, enriching their understanding of the case and encouraging them to share his story more widely.

Forensic Imaging Consultant Hew Morrison has also produced a new living depicition of the man, which can be seen on the appeal page featured below. This portrayal plays a crucial role in engaging the public and prompting the recollections of those who may have known the man.

Also at the heart of our renewed appeal is a new YouTube video featuring exclusive CCTV footage of ‘Sligo Man’ during his time in Sligo. This footage offers a glimpse into his movements and interactions during his stay in the city.

This appeal further showcases the talents of Locate International’s volunteers; their skills have played a pivotal role in crafting all the appeal assets, including the video and the interactive ThingLink. Locate International take immense pride in being a truly unique charity, operating solely on the passion and dedication of individuals who come together to make a positive impact in the community.

To participate in our appeal and contribute to the investigation, we invite everyone to watch the new YouTube video and explore the interactive ThingLink asset. All of which can be accessed on the dedicated appeal page, here.

If you have any information that might help in identifying ‘Sligo Man,’ please contact us at or call 0300 102 1011. Any information, no matter how small, will be considered by our team. Submissions can be anonymous.