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Lisa Pour: The Missing Podcast, Season 5 Episode 10

Discover the case of Lisa Pour in this gripping podcast series on long-term missing persons. Join the search for answers.

When it comes to long term missing person’s cases, you never quite know when you’re going to catch a break. Most lay dormant for years at a time, with nothing in the way of new clues or leads, leaving relatives and authorities alike feeling like they’ve exhausted every avenue of inquiry…Such was the case for Lauren Saffery, whose mother Lisa Pour was last seen in Willesden Green in north west London on the 16th January 2013.

For close to a decade, there wasn’t a shred of fresh evidence regarding Lisa’s whereabouts. Then, out of the blue, an anonymous phone call was made to the Metropolitan police…and the mysterious voice at the end of the line claimed to have information vital to the case…

Through a collaborative endeavor between Locate International and the charity Missing People, The Missing podcast series aims to shed light on the perplexing disappearances of individuals and offer assistance to their grieving families.

Developed in partnership with What’s the Story? Sounds, this captivating podcast presented by Pandora Sykes invites you to listen, subscribe, and actively participate in these cases.

By joining this community, you have the opportunity to contribute to the resolution of these cases, providing much-needed solace and closure to families grappling with the anguish of unanswered questions. Together, we hold the ability to make a profound impact on the lives of those affected by long-standing missing person investigations.