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Port Logan Woman

You can help identify a woman whose body was recovered from the high tide line on Port Logan beach, Dumfries and Galloway on 22nd November 2006. We are referring to her as Port Logan Woman, but in life she would have had a name. We would like your help in returning this to her.

Port Logan Woman was between 4’11” and 5’4″ tall and between 30 – 50 years of age in 2006, although she may have been older. She is believed to have been in the water for up to 6 months so she may have gone missing in the spring or summer of 2006.
While Port Logan Woman was found in south west Scotland, it may be that she had lived in, spent time in, or had travelled to or from Ireland.

Have you lost contact with a woman who was between 4’11” and 5’4″ tall and between 30 – 50 years of age in 2006?

Is there a friend or relative that you haven’t from who may have gone missing in the spring or summer of 2006?

Port Logan Woman Update


How you can help

Port Logan Woman was of thin build and she had no teeth. However, she may have worn dentures in life. She was found wearing a white or light coloured 34C bra from BHS, white or light coloured knickers and brown or tan tights underneath a pair of black, size 10 Bay Trading trousers. 
  • Does the woman in the picture resemble anyone you knew and have lost contact with? An acquaintance or friend, or an ex colleague?
  • Is there a woman in your family tree or in your family photographs who you have lost touch with and may match the description of Port Logan Woman?
  • Is there someone who used to come to your place of work or leisure activities that you no longer see?
Don’t worry if the information you have is limited, as it may still link with information coming from others.

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More About Port Logan Woman


Port Logan Woman

The body of a woman was found on the beach at Port Logan in Scotland. Port Logan is a village in a sheltered and sandy bay on the west coast of Galloway’s Rhins. The harbour at Port Logan was one of the locations featured in the film The Vanishing, about the Eilan Mor lighthouse keepers’ disappearance.

Images above show Port Logan Woman’s clothing

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