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Cleveland Man

Found On: 30th August 1981

The body of a 17-30 year old man was found hanging on the edge of a bird sanctuary near the A178 Graythorpe to Seal Sands Road, near Hartlepool.

Hartlepool, UK

White male, aged 18-25


What We Know

This young man appeared to be between 21 to 25 years old and stood about 5’6″ to 5’7″ tall. He had a slim to normal build, but his features suggested he was quite strong and muscular. His hair was wavy and collar length, a shade of mousey brown, neatly shaped over his ears. His eyes were a mix of blue and grey, accentuated by his thick brown eyebrows. His lips were thin and his teeth were well-maintained.

His hands were short and well taken care of, showing no signs of manual labour. He had a small scar just outside his left kneecap, another on the top of his right shin, and an old scar from an appendix surgery that was about 2 inches long.

In terms of clothing, he was wearing y-front underpants, calf-length grey socks, and Adidas ‘Country’ training shoes in white with green stripes, which were size 7.5 and made in France. Interestingly, each shoe had the name “SAYER” written in capital letters with ballpoint ink. He was also wearing grey corduroy trousers with a metal waist fastener marked ‘GUTOS’ and a fly zip marked ‘OPTI’. There was a small pink label on the inside of his left leg bearing the legend “08894046”.

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