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Ballast Quay London 'KAMAL'

Cleveland Man

Found On: 20th August 1981

The body of a 17-30 year old man was found hanging on the edge of a bird sanctuary near the A178 Graythorpe to Seal Sands Road. He was believed to have died within the previous 24 hours. The unidentified man had a slim build, an approximate height of 5 ft 6 ins, blue/grey eyes, “mousey” brown/blonde collar length hair, and facial stubble.

About this case

He had expensive dentistry and two scars: one 2” surgery scar on the right side of his pelvis, and a 1/2” scar on the outside of his left kneecap. He wore a navy-blue cotton jumper with the figure 16, 4″ high on left breast, a blue striped jerkin, a check long sleeved shirt (green, purple and brown), grey cotton cord trousers which had been taken in 3″ at the waist, blue nylon underpants, and size 7.5. white ‘adidas’ ‘country’ training shoes with green stripes, and the name ‘Sayer’ written inside in biro. He carried a disposable French lighter.