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Ballast Quay London 'KAMAL'

Dover Woman

Found On: 10th August 2000

10th August 2000, the body of a female was found at the bottom of the cliffs at Dover. It is believed that she had fallen from the cliff above and that the property found at the top of the cliffs belonged to her. She was described as white European, 5’4” tall and of thin build. She had green/brown eyes, short, black hair and suffered from an ovarian cyst. She also had a 19cm transverse surgical scar on her abdomen and a cut on her left wrist.

About this case

She was wearing black tights, which are recorded on the NCA website as “Sexy Underwear”, flat heeled ‘Chelsea boots’, a short black, pin stripe skirt, a black and blue jacket, a black belt with a yellow buckle, a black, polyester bodysuit, a black shirt and a black ‘bikers hat’.

The woman was also wearing a pearl necklace and a “Limit” watch. She also had 6 rings, worn on both hands (it is not clear if this means 6 on each hand or 6 in total), but none were worn on her ‘wedding ring’ finger. The rings on her right hand were described as 2 x gold entwined or separate gold bands often known as a Russian Ring. She also had £60 stuffed in her bra, tourist information on Oxford, lipstick, and handbag with the name ‘Christina May’ on the inside, a purse and half a bottle of Vodka.