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Ballast Quay London 'KAMAL'

Durness Man

Found On: 29th August 1982

‘Durness Man’ was found in a white Renault car near Sarsgrum on the southern end of the Kyle of Durness. The cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning. The man was estimated to be between 25 – 40 years of age, white European, with short red hair, approximately 5’6” tall and of thin build.

About this case

He was wearing a red jumper, brown shirt and brown corduroy trousers, a brown jacket, brown/tan shoes (size 7) and blue socks. He was wearing a Quartz Timex watch. He is believed to have been deceased for around 2-3 weeks when he was found. The location where he was found is rather unusual given its remoteness. While Sarsgrum and Durness are now on the NC500 (‘Scotland’s ultimate road trip’), in 1982, it would have been perhaps even more remote and sparsely populated.