Glamorgan Man Area Photo

Glamorgan Man

Found On: 9th of December 1979

On the 9th of December 1979, the skeletal remains of a man found on the mountainside of Glamorgan, Wales in 1979. In his possession was a Salvation New Testament with the name D Malan and an address in South Africa.


He was estimated to be between 40-60 years old and was a stocky man with a peculiar gait. He would have had a limp when he walked as his right leg was fused and could not be bent at the knee. He was between 5ft 7 and 5ft 9 in height, with short grey hair.

He wore casual grey trousers with a size 28″ inside leg, a blue shirt, a beige jumper, and size 8 shoes.

In his possession was a Salvation New Testament bible with the name D MALAN and address PO Box, Randeburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, a South African Airways timetable, a map of South Wales and West of England, and headed notepaper from the Sheriton Heathrow Hotel.


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