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Ballast Quay London 'KAMAL'

Kennington Man

Found On: 2nd February 2004

On 2nd February 2004, an unidentified man was dragged from the A332 bus in Kennington Lane, Lambeth, London and taken to hospital where he later died. The man was described as aged 50 – 60 years, white European, 5’4” – 5’6” tall and of thin build.

About this case

He had ginger/greying, collar length hair and stubble and blue eyes. He was described as a ‘vagrant’. He also had a deformed right hand whereby his ring and middle finger form a ‘V’ at the first joint from the hand – ‘webbed’? His left ear lobe was large and ‘twisted’. He was wearing a bronze colour leather jacket which was quilted and fur-lined, with ‘Gurtex’ label; a green crew neck knitted jumper, size large; an orange shirt, described as ‘dull’ in colour and with no label; beige woollen slacks with no label and a brown leather belt; blue marine style loafers with white mountain motif and white soles – described as well worn. He also had a pair of gold metal rimmed glasses (it’s unclear if he was wearing them), some keys, a plastic key ring with ‘Duke of Clarence’ Pub thereon, small change, cigarettes and a blue breath freshener container.

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