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Ballast Quay London 'KAMAL'

River Avon Man

Found On: 14th October 1981

A white male aged 45 – 60 years was found in the River Avon in Bristol on 14th October 1981. He was 175cm (5’8″) tall and of large build.

About this case

He had brown, receding hair, blue eyes and a scar on his abdomen. The man was wearing a brown duffle overcoat, a brown V-neck jumper size 53, grey and black checked trousers, brown size 11 lace-up ‘half length’ boots and a cotton undergarment which buttoned to the to the neck. The man had in his possession a 24″ long bronze coloured medallion bearing male and female heads with ‘Duke of Edinburgh and Grand Duchess Marie of Russia Married 1874’ thereon. He was believed to have been in the water for several days.