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Ballast Quay London 'KAMAL'

St Helier Woman

Found On: 29th May 2006

On 29th May 2006, a woman was found outside St. Helier Hospital in Sutton, South London suffering from abdominal pain.

About this case

On 29th May 2006 found outside St. Helier Hospital, Sutton, South London suffering from abdominal pain. She was found to have packages of Cocaine in her stomach and died in hospital. She stated her name was Mary Kofi (unknown spelling) and that she was 47 years old. However, she gave her date of birth as 27th April 1957 (49 years old). It is believed she may have flown in from Ghana.

She is described as Afro Caribbean, roughly 177cm (5 ft 9ins), and her age range was given as 47-49. Her build was described as obese. Her hair was black and wavy.

She was in possession of a scarf and a handkerchief bearing an ‘Argent Swallow’ logo with pictures of birds and Chinese writing underneath.