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Wembley Point Woman

Wembley Point Woman

Found On: 29th October 2004

A woman was seen to jump from the window of the 21st floor of Wembley Point, London, England.


She was wearing a maroon bomber zip-up jacket with fabric cuffs. The jacket material was shiny and plastic in appearance. She wore a black leather glove on her right hand and a very thin black polo neck jumper. Over the top of this, she wore a claret crew neck jumper. She wore black tights, trousers and black Skechers boots with a zip and buckle on the sides. She wore a stud in the right ear and a watch with a black strap and silver face. She wore two rings: one white/silver metal ring on her ring finger on her right hand (cowrie shell shape) and a silver ring on her left hand’s little finger.

In her possession, she had; £5.20 in cash, an oil painting 2ft x 1ft of figures, a Guardian newspaper dated 29.10.04, a black carrier bag with clear lettering CPNY, a black disposable lighter, a used packet of 10 Marlboro cigarettes, a bus pass valid 26.10.04 to 01.11.04 issued at Seven Sisters Road, Tottenham, London at 07.07 am.


The initial investigation will consider missing person reports from the period around the time of estimated death. Appeals will be focused on communities within North London.

You can check the Police details on the case by going to the UK Missing Person Website Case Details.

Latest Appeal

On Friday the 23rd July 2021, an appeal was launched on Social Media and through several art organisations to try and identify the painting found with the Wembley Point Woman.

We will update the website with any details or information passed back to us.

Wembley Point Woman Painting