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Isotope Analysis Update: North Sea Man

In addition to the press release previously provided, we are releasing further information about the case of the North Sea Man. The North Sea man case is covered in our current appeal, ‘A Tall Mystery’ – you can learn more about how you can support our appeal, and can get involved with our #ShareOrSolve campaign, here.

Click here to read more about the original case, including new imagery and updated details.

On 11th July 1994, a male body was found by a Police boat in the North Sea, West of the Island of Helgoland. He was brought to the city of Wilhelmshaven in Germany, where he was later buried. This is where a murder investigation was started.

In partnership with the Wilhelmshaven investigators and the Oldenburg Public Prosecutor’s Office, Locate International have been appealing to the public for further information.

As a result of isotope analysis that has been carried out on the unidentified man, we are able to announce that the lead isotope data was able to rule out that the man is originally from Europe. The unknown deceased is very likely to have grown up and spent most of his life in Australia.

We are therefore renewing our appeal to Australian citizens, audiences, or those who have spent significant periods of their life in this area.

Based on the photographic facial reconstruction, do you recognise this man as someone who may be missing, or someone you have lost contact with, who has a connection to Australia and the UK?

The new findings have now led to an expansion of police measures and a public search for Australia.

Locate International will continue to support with the investigation, and our website and appeal will be updated as soon as renewed information is available.

North Sea Case